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Weekly Leagues
We are always looking for new players! Anyone can play! Join us this week!


Greetings fellow pool players from “ The Commish”…
Now that summer vacation is over, that brings in the “Pool Shootin’ Season”! Cooler weather as we head indoors for the fall and winter.

This season, Classic Cue has opted out of the American Pool Players Association (APA). Although CCB has had its successes over the years with the organization, it is now time to take another direction.

I hope you will consider our “In House” Molson League!
We will start The last week in September: Tuesday the 25th and Thursday the 27th.
As is our tradition, we will hold our Molson Social on September 18th, 19th and 20th.(Tuesday-Thursday)
Stop in or call for details, sign up a team or as an individual.
Like our sign says: Amateurs, Bums & Rookies are All Welcome!
The best way to improve your game is to jump in and get involved!
I can honestly say we here at Classic Cue have had some really good people playing over the years. It contributes to why I have enjoyed being a room owner for 33 years. It’s the people, the characters & diversity!
Thank you everyone,

The “Commish”




9 FT Table Molson Bar league
Starts on September 25th.
Start time is 6:30pm
"Format and Rules are at the bottom of the page"!!!
Contact Carl Galante @
(716) 684-4644

7 FT Bar Box Table Molson Candaian 8-Ball League
Starts on September 27th.
Start time is 7:00pm
"Format and Rules are at the bottom of the page"!!!

Contact “The Commisioner” - Carl Galante @
(716) 684-4644 or send us an email

FORMAT for "Molson"

With the Molson League, there will not be a $25 annual membership fee.
The scorekeeping will be easy.
The rules as posted on this site last week will emphasize “Call Shot” (Ball & Pocket only), Open table after the break & a scratch on an attempted 8 Ball shot will not result in loss of game.
Format for “Molson” 4 matches per night, spots will be from 2nc - (6-2).
There will be no limitations on number of players on a team & the handicap spots will not be limited.
This will help teams to determine what players can and will play on any given night.
Remember if the handicap system is working, spots 2, 3, 4 should have as good a chance to win as a 5, 6, 6-1, 6-2. With an “in house” league, everyone usually knows each other & it’s harder to “lay down” or “Sand bag”.